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ExclusivelyYours: James: CHARACTER: ((((VERY IMPORTANT LADIES)))) ...

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  • 66 y/o male, Aries
  • Rancho Cordova, California, USA
  • English
  • Independent Film Industry/Abstract Oil Painter/Hair Designer and more
  • Have no children
  • Last online: 2019-09-09 08:20:42
Personal details
Sex male
Children without children
Want children I will tell you later
Body type Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christian
Marital status Divorced
Education MA/MS/MBA
Drinker Rarely
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I look for a female
Looking for an age range 23-40
Looking for a body type Athletic
Relationship Marriage
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Don't write me a letter if you have not read my profile. Also if you cannot speak English read or write English then it's really going to be a waste of time.

My name is James. I am German, Irish, English and a wee taste of Scotch without the alcohol. I'll have a glass of Scotch on the rocks once in a while with my Cigar. I usually smoke a Cigar in the morning and one at sunset. I like it and its relaxing so don’t think you’re that you’re going to get me to stop and try to change me from this. It isn’t going to happen. Oh...and I would never try to Kiss You, until I had brushed my teeth and gargled with Listerine. I would never be so rude to try and kiss you with bad breath. Besides; I do love kissing very much and I will love indulging in the pleasures of your sweet lips always!

I look like Santa Claus but; without the Belly! That's why they made FAT SUITS! I'm Santa for the kids and I am also wanting to have the Grandfather Frost Suit made for me as well. I could shave my Beard off after Christmas but; I admit I love my Beard and the NOT shaving part a lot! It makes me look older but; I Really Don't Give A Rat’s Azzz! It's shampooed and conditioned daily and soft to the touch. If you become my Wife, I'll shave it off for you! And no I am NOT in Russia or Ukraine! I'm in Citrus Heights, California which is Sacramento County.

There is a very large Russian and Ukrainian Community here in the area as well as a Russian Ukrainian grocery store that has pretty much everything you're used to so; if you move here to be with me at least you will have some familiarity close by.

Hope you like my pictures the one with the dark hair was taken for a movie that I was supposed to be in but, ended up not getting the part so I used it for my Hair Design Magazine and Newspaper advertisements. I am a bit of a Celebrity of sorts and I came very close to being a new Hollywood Movie Star. Maybe I still could, I don't know. It's not the most important thing to me though.

What is important to me is being happy with someone that would love me as much as I would love them. Of course I had to add my Santa Claus pictures. I'm on also as I presume some of you are on it as well as . Most everybody seems to be on these days.

To give you some information of what I'm doing, I develop my own dating website that's focused on marriage. I created it in Microsoft Publisher as a template so that when I'm ready and financially able to get it up and running then I can give it to the web designers down in Los Angeles California that is going to build it for me.

I did not create my dating website to find my future wife on it because I have always felt that I would find my future wife on this website that we are on and I do believe out of all the ladies that have contacted me one of you has got to be my wife.

I found out where I can get the money to get it up and running and on November 1st of this year 2017 I will be signing up with that company so that I can send letters to the potential investors for funding of my 2 million dollar website. I will be in 54 countries all at the same time to everyone who is currently on dating websites now.

Do you know what these dating web sites make honey? Millions of dollars each year!

I have made my website cheaper than any website on Earth and better than any other website on Earth as well.

There's about a hundred and twenty five million singles on dating websites worldwide right now so; if I only had 2 million members at $10 per month, per person that adds up to be $20 million dollars a month income! men pay $10 a month and the women are FREE because Without the women the men will not come. So you see why I want it really bad because; without it how could I ever get married and provide for my beautiful wife and do all the things that I want to do.

Everything that I want to do costs a lot of money. In fact; one of those projects is a 68 million dollar budgeted movie that I want to film part of it in Odessa Ukraine. So; if I am able to do that, I will be hiring about 2,000 of the most gorgeous ladies to be in my movie from there. I will be giving a contract to every person involved in the movie for a 10% ongoing residual income eternally! So; 10% going to the cast and crew to everyone can be thousands and thousands of dollars paid quarterly.

You know from reading my profile that I have a lot of talent and creativity which is basically all lying dormant at the moment.

So sweetheart! Please pray that I can find an investor soon and pray for us okay! The two of us as “ONE!” I would marry you right now and I mean that. And once this website is up and running making money, I will fly over to see you and spend some time with you. If we have the same mutual feelings towards each other then I am hoping it won’t be long till our Wedding Day! We can get married there in your City or; where ever you want. We can also bring all of your family to the United States and get them the hell out of a War Zone! If they want to! There would be plenty of money with the website so; I would be happy to pay for everything for everybody. So it is said! So it will be!

I have received over 7,000 or more letters from incredibly beautiful ladies in Ukraine and in Russia. I wish I could be like King Solomon who had forty Thousand Wives because 98% of the ladies on this website I believe are “Incredibly Beautiful”.

I am Neat and Clean D/D (DRUG and DISEASE) FREE, Spontaneous, Playful, Romantic, Very Affectionate, Loving and Giving, Sincere, Faithful, Honest and Straight Forward. I LOVE Snuggling and Kissing very much! I LOVE Sex with great Passion! All thing's I do, I do with Passion or I don’t bother with it. Without Passion, your just useless waste. I am certainly not one walking around in a comatose state of mind.

I am a Christian and proud of it. Have you ever heard of spiritual darkness? How about the principalities of Darkness? You know the demons that are in the air everywhere right along with the angels doing battle over us. If you believe in God then you'd better believe in that other guy too because he's real and he's present 24/7 365 days a year. He knows us better than we know ourselves. I call him God's dog on a leash.

I sense your desires by being in touch as one with your innermost senses. Being connected is more than a trailer connected to a hitch so; I do have those qualities that so many lack and most wish they possessed. It is called Discernment, Sensitivity and Vision!

I'm here to meet "My Future Wife". Perhaps we may find ourselves wanting more of each other exploring and indulging in our fantasies made real.

I possess what you want and desire and more than you ever expected to find in ONE MAN Honey! We can share our fantasies and create great memories. We could even write books about it together if you want to. A few years ago I started to write Sexual Fantasy books but; I had to stop because it was so real taking place in my mind that it would get me so excited just thinking about it. Writing a book of that kind by myself just wasn't any fun without a beautiful woman next to me so I stopped. Something tells me that you and I could start writing that book together and perhaps write many more books if you'd like! I’m sure that if we did, we would have a “Best Seller” and people would be anxiously waiting for the second book release. Giving you multiple orgasms like Niagara Falls and tasting you on my lips! What do you think? Would you like to do that? Would you like to write about our fantasies and dreams sharing it with the world? I'm looking for a wife! Although I'm sure I could take you to orgasmic ecstasy by something that you've never experienced in your life, it would be most challenging.

It requires special attention to details in all senses of the word. There is nothing prepped or arranged and nothing planned. It requires only the senses but; they must be deep and they must be in tune with each other.
The way you look, the way you move, your voice, the way you breathe, your fragrance, the way you feel and touch. All That You Are I would feel. With each breath we take and every movement we make as artists painting a picture. Our pleasures, our open passion, our sensitivity driven deep inside each other to a place called Ecstasy. With multiple orgasms like Niagara Falls the two of us together as one Cumming simultaneously and feeling the range of an endless fire.

Oh yes the pleasures of the flesh and your gorgeous body devouring my mind and my heart. I can see it! I can feel you! I can feel me inside of you with a pulsating pounding pleasure that our hearts truly desire. This is what you want. This is what you truly desire along with the expertise of passionate foreplay devouring you, melting you and molding you into submissiveness. This is what you truly want honey! I know that.

So; what would you like to do with me now? Do you like giving and receiving oral pleasures? Many women don't really know the Arts of oral pleasures. They have a false teaching or; no teaching at all on the pleasures of the male penis. If you were here with me now I would show you the Toy of your dreams. I would teach you how to give your most prized possession an erection long lasting and every time you walk into the room I would constantly have a permanent hard-on just by your presence, anticipating your affection for your Love Toy.

So; would you like to come to me now? Would you like to feel all of me inside of you?

You will always be my first priority and my true love Honey! You will be in my blood, my bone, my mind and my heart eternally!

Our Love for each other will be strong and the demons of Hell will vaporize leaving us alone and "THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE!" You will be THE ONLY ONE! There will be Loyalty and Honor in the highest for you always and eternally.

I want the Woman who will be my Wife, Passionate Lover, Best Friend and Trusted Companion to be straight forward and honest with me always.

To me, a flame in one’s heart is a natural thing that happens when someone is in love with their mate. This is quite simple to understand. What I don't understand; is why other people don't understand it! I wouldn’t need any male enhancement pills with you Honey! You would always be my pill.

I hope my profile gives you a good idea of who I am being that it is pretty lengthy. I love doing as much as possible and I would love doing it all with you! I’m a pretty easy going kind of guy who has an immense amount of talent and creativity with, vision and a kind heart for all life with Jehovah God leading the way, I will follow.

The reason I made my profile so lengthy was to give you as much of me as possible so you could have a clear idea of the kind of person I am and what I want in my potential Wife! And yes; I do have that little bit of naughty to me as well. But; I would only give my naughty intentions to the woman who is beside me night and day. Well; actually I have a lot of Naughty locked up inside me that wants to come out for you! I want sooooo........much to give you a lot of Naughty fun!!!

I hope you don't think badly of me for being so forward and descriptive but; the best way I can describe it to you is this: Imagine a man going through the Death Valley Desert and he has not tasted to his lips in so long a time, Water and Steak that his mouth is watering from miles away. He can see and smell the feast and coming to the watering hole, there is a Bar-B-Q of Steak being prepared for him. He gets there and sees the water and the steak and his joy is as if he had just won the Lottery and a second chance in life, to live happy. Well; that's the best way I can describe it to you. And Honey! You're a very beautiful sight to a man who has not felt the touch of a Woman in many years. Since 2008. You read it right, I haven't been with a woman since 2008 and honey, I want you a lot in fact I would much rather make love 3 or 4 times a day or more then to do anything else.

This is the way I feel looking at so many of you beautiful Ladies on this website. There just needs to be “One!” The “One” who will be beside me and me by her. And honey just so you know it I don't ever want to be without my wife. I always want you by my side wherever we go. I don't ever want to be without you not in this world not in these times.

I don't give a rat's ass about football or baseball or watching sports on TV. But laying around watching movies with you would be fun. I don't hang out at the bars and I don't care about hanging out with the guys only have four or five friends anyway and that's it and I don't have to see them all the time and if we were together I would just invite them over after asking you if that would be okay. You see being that you would be my wife I would run everything by you first before doing anything. That's where that two become one part comes in.

I received a letter from a very beautiful lady on this website and I wanted to share a small portion of what she wrote me, and I ask you! Can you see it this way? I am going to write this lady and I have made a list of the ladies that I am going to write but, I would much rather have a commitment from one and write only her a couple of letters and then get married.

She learned from her Grandmother and her mom this lesson. She was a very wise woman, who said... "What man needs...is to grab you assets, breast, ass...Men are not dogs and they don’t like bones so; you should not be too skinny! They like to grab your hair in passion so you can feel his control as a man. Granny said, the ideal wife should be a perfect listener and always support her man! Also... Naughty! Your man should not leave home with full balls and empty stomach! Take care and keep your eyes on his balls to make sure they are always empty and stomach full. Then you will be happy in marriage!"

Do you think these lessons are true and right? Look at me... and say... do you think we can make it work? That was what her Grandmother told her so I know that this Lady who knows who she is, has a special place in my heart already for her.

I’m not into wasting time and many letters back-n-forth costing lots of wasted money! So; when I do start writing a letter to you it will be Very Lengthy because I want to tell you a much as I can being that I am the one paying for it in the first place. I know it doesn’t cost you anything so don’t try telling me it does.

If you write me back a short little note of a paragraph or two then; “YOU WILL BE HISTORY WITH ME!” I won’t bother opening another letter from you if you send me one. I won’t waste my money. And if I get a lot of letters from many ladies like that, I will leave this website also like I left other Dating Websites for girls playing games with me.

The other websites that I was on before I came to this website, the girls tried writing me short little letters and little notes of a paragraph or two, to get me to write back to them buying of course; MORE CREDITS! It didn’t work and only pissed me off so; I left that website so they could spend more time fishing for someone else.

Yes there is a lot of things that I can do however, I'm not doing any of them now. I'm not working anywhere at the moment but; I am working on me which is work.

I am also writing my Biography not I'll go biography. I'm writing it as if my parents are writing it about me and both of my parents passed away. I have had a very interesting life and you are a part of that life. I’m including in my Biography my search for my future Wife seeking her in Ukraine and Russia.

The long ugly story cut short is, I lost everything in 2008. A Business, Money, my first and only Wife of a whole 8 months. The first time I got married was 2007 and 8 months later in 2008 divorced.

I lost over two and a half million dollars in Antiques. Things that have been in my family since the early 1800’s, as well as things that I had bought that were nice and expensive. All of my art supplies over $18,000 worth in oil paints, brushes, canvases, easels, my musical instruments a 1736 Guadagnini violin, Organ and Xylophone and so much more. I couldn't pay my storage bill. I didn't have the money to pay for it. I tried to borrow $350.00 to pay for it but couldn't and lost everything that I had except my life and my car.

I had a quarter tank of gas, $7 in cash, No food, a few clothes in my car hanging up in the back seat and God sitting in the passenger seat. Or; maybe it was the other way around. I was sitting in the passenger seat and God was taking me on an adventure. God was taking this lump of clay and molding me over again. And I'm very thankful He did.

In 2007 and 2008 when the economy hit really bad here in America, many people lost a lot and ended up homeless. I was one of those people who ended up homeless living in my car for the next four years. To go from being a successful Independent Self-Employed Hair Designer to broke really does something to you! The truth is, if a disaster strikes anywhere in the world or War, it can happen to anyone. I am very thankful to God for His love and His mercy. There were a couple of times I didn't think I was going to be alive anymore but, that’s over with now.

At the beginning of 2017 in January I gave up my apartment that I got and the reason for that is because they kept jacking up my rent each and every year plus they were jacking up the washer and dryer to $50 a month and my parking space for my car $50 a month the apartment rent was $1,200 a month all for a 700 square foot apartment with 5 rats running through the walls. So I decided to cut my losses and save money for more important things so at this very moment I'm living in my 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS here in Citrus Heights California. But hey honey don't worry about me I'm fine and everything is okay. Besides it may be short-lived and only for a few months more longer.

I am starting over but; I'm on a fixed income of Social Security and disability through the VA and I just got a raise so there are some positive things happening right now and I just have to be a little more patient. Hopefully on November 1st I will get that raise.

Starting over from ground zero is quite the challenge and I really don't have money to buy lots of credits to write letters so we are going to have to communicate less expensively by writing letters on email and using Skype.

The website is finished that I created but; just lacking the financial backing to make it a Live Working Website and making millions of dollars each month.


From 1976 to 1981, I spent most of my time traveling staying in Hotels, eating at restaurants. My Mom and Dad’s house was a pit stop for laundry and a home cooked meal once in a while, and of course to say hello to Mom and Dad.

In 1978 I was in the newspapers alongside John Travolta and the smash hit movie Saturday Night Fever, and in the hottest Disco Techs. "The Galaxy Disco", "Jessica’s" and "Sashes Disco" in Contra Costa County California. "Smugglers Inn", "The Plank House" and others in Sacramento and the hottest night clubs in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Reno and South Lake Tahoe Nevada. The newspapers were looking to do a news story on a real life character played by John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever. They chose me and I ended up in newspapers across the United States from California to New York.

There was a storm raging through the land in the Disco techs, and it was Me entering every contest I could find in California and Nevada. Back then there were lots of dance contests and you could find me right there in the thick of it every time, no matter where it was. I had won trips to Las Vegas, Hawaii, lots of Money, Dinners at restaurants, bottles of Champagne and more and more of that kind of stuff. It was a lot of fun and besides; it was my Passion that I was very good at.

I learned to dance watching Fred Astaire Movies when I was 5 years old. I would go in my room after the movie was over and practice what I saw him do and it paid off in 6th grade when I won my first dance contest and then it just escalated from that point.

A traveling Hair Designer to Celebrities Stars and the hard-working middle class, Dancer, Published Poet listed in The Library of Congress in Washington D.C., Singer, Songwriter, Abstract Oil Painter, B/B Wing Chung Kung Fu Martial Artist, and Screenplay Writer on the go nonstop to Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and every other place listed. I was everywhere on a weekly basis, and Mom and Dad’s house was a pit stop for laundry, and food. Hotels, Motels and Restaurants were more of the normal way of living for me, and staying at friends whenever possible.

I was achieving success, and fulfillment of spirit and soul while making my way through the mud puddles of life.

Taking chances at every turn in the road, risking it all out of passion, being foolish at times but, with growing pains and a hunger for love, acceptance and a burning desire in trying to find out what drove me.

While most people saved money for their responsibilities, I risked it all out of Love and Passion, with a fire in my heart that none dare question. My drive, and motivation to achieve my goals was a risk that took me to places that I could not afford but, those in the background made sure I attended. Nothing is by accident or; coincidence.

I auditioned for "Fredrick Abcars "Bedazzle" one night in 1978 and made the audition. I flew to Hollywood the next day for a $10,000 dollar dance contest, and my partner didn't show up. I left the club and had the Taxi Cab driver take me to the hottest spot in Hollywood. When I walked in to the other club, there was a very Hot, and exciting lady on the dance floor that took my eyes. We danced, and it was as if we had danced together forever!

A guy came running up to me after we danced and offered me a 7-Up Commercial. He offered me $50,000 in cash up front with a contract for 10% residual ongoing royalties every time the TV commercial aired. Paid Airfare, Hotel and Meals included with Limousine service. I said yes!

The next day I flew back to the bay area to my girlfriend's house and was exercising on the floor when "It was as if someone had taken an Axe to the small of my back". "I had 3 slipped discs and all of a sudden my dance career was over, and I lost the 7-Up Commercial". But today; I can still dance and there is nothing wrong with my back and I have not lost my touch.

In 1979 - 1981 Harvey Scales and I formed Double S Music Publishers recording Demo tapes for such artists as "Sister Sledge", "Lou Rawls", Teddy Pendergrass", "Dion Warwick", "Harvey Scales" and others. I started out writing Poetry but, got into writing songs mostly love ballads.

Harvey and I made demo tapes for recording artists at Hyde St. Studios in San Francisco, California. Harvey Scales wrote "Disco Lady" for Johnny Taylor, and many others going Gold and Platinum. I found an investor for $250,000 for Harvey and in the last few hours before time to record, the investor backed out. One of the songs that I had written was to be placed on Harvey Scales’ new album but; it was not to happen.

In 1979 and 1980 I was in "The California Artists Association at different malls throughout California selling my poetry when my friend, and International Artist Mr. Juan Archuletta talked me into selling my poetry in the art shows.

In 1982, two of my poems were submitted to "The Library of Congress" in Washington D.C. and is on record there. I now have three Poetry books that I want to publish myself and I will when the money is available to do it.

1996 My Father passed away and in 1993 my Mother passed away. I love them very much and miss them but; I will see them later. I have a Brother and two Sisters but; the Sister closest in age to me passed away a few years ago. My other Sister I have not seen since 2003 and my Brother lives here just a few miles from me.

2007 I married for the first time and 8 months later Divorced in 2008.

2008 I packed my car and my car became my home until 2012.

In March 2012 I moved into my Apartment. And January 2017 I gave up the apartment to move back into my car. It's a beautiful car a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS but it's still a car nevertheless and it is my home now.

I am so tired of looking at so many Beautiful Ladies. I never thought I would ever feel that way but; it’s overwhelming and it also makes my heart sad at the same time. So many of you without a Real Man to truly Love You! Care for You! Share Life with You! I wish I could marry and provide for all of you but; that would not be a doable thing would it? Of course not; and I just want to end this search soon. I must be successful or; I it will just be another failure that has happened in my life.

My Dream! I wish you would fly here to me now! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know; I'ts a dream okay! I'm allowed to dream. We could get married and save up money to get a house. We could make love at least 3 or 4 times a day every day and I could promise you it would be different every time! Not boring.

My great-great Grandfather left Germany and on his way out noticed a girl at a farmhouse milking a cow. He stopped to get a drink and 6 hours later they were married and on their way to America and happily married over 60 years till death.

I think I take after him because I look at many of you ladies pictures on your profiles and I would marry you right now honey! We don't have to date for a year and write 1,000 letters back-n-forth. That's nothing more than wasted time and money. I'm sure you have a good heart and a good spirit, and you love God then you would love me! To know that God loves us so much to give us His love for each other, is there anything in life more important?

I love you! And I can say that easily because it's true! I would never write a lady if I could not see myself married to her in the first place! So you know if I write you a letter after receiving your letter that I'm already in love with you from the start visually! So can I fall in love with you at first sight! The answer is yes!

I am a man that can fall in love at first sight and for the most part that's how men are usually. Men are attracted to women by their Beauty and their looks at first. Then of course we hope that the woman has a brain and knows how to use it to give love to her man. This was instilled by God that men would be attracted to beauty. I know there is also beauty of the Spirit, Soul and the Heart of a Woman so don’t think for a moment that I’m a shallow man looking only at the outward beauty of you! That part of you that excites me is important to me though as well. It’s called “Desire!” How many "Desire" a person who does not care about their looks, habits and manners?

So; can you answer me on these questions below? I have received many letters from some very beautiful ladies but; apparently they didn’t read my profile because they had Tattoos on their body! Not only that but; they did not answer any of my questions or say anything about my lengthy profile. It’s like they send me a generic letter saying; “I read your profile, and you are interesting to me!” Then they ask me all the questions that are already answered in this lengthy profile of mine and expect me to write it all again. Also; if you write me a short note of a few lines, don’t think for a second that I will be impressed. It will only tell me that, if I spend money buying Credits to write letters to Ladies, that this particular lady will only be sending me a two or; three liner Note! I WILL NOT WASTE MY MONEY ON ANY LADY WRITING HER A LETTER DOING THAT TO ME!

1. You do not have any Tattoos?
2. You do not have Piercings through your Eyebrows, Nose, Lips, Tongue, Nipples and Clit?
3. You're Drug and Disease FREE?
4. You want to get Married?
5. You have read My Profile?
6. You are a Christian?

I hope you have a clear understanding of me! I have made this profile Lengthy for a reason! “To give you a good idea and understanding of who I am, what I want and to let you know that I’m serious in my search. If you don’t know me after reading this profile, then you never will honey! I have dumped my heart out in this and if you’re blind then; you’re not likely to see farther than the nose on your face.

I have received I believe over 7,000 letters and ¾ of those ladies ask me questions that are in my Profile which tells me that they have not read it. Duh…… You think that makes me feel like I’m going to continue writing to a lady that sends me a letter like that? NO!

So what do you want to do? Do you want to move to the United States to get married and live with me or; do you want me to come there get married and live with you? I’m allergic to bullets flying through the air as to what’s going on in Ukraine so; I think best; you come to me!

I would love to be able to fly there and be with you but; I don't have the money, just yet.

It has been said for centuries that behind every man is a successful woman.

But; I say this! "Beside" every man is a gift from God! This gift is not to be taken lightly! This gift is to be worshiped and thanked in every way as well as loved and cared for. Always giving respect and honoring her. The two shall become "ONE! You've heard this before? It comes from the Bible! The two shall become "ONE" flesh!

If I were to get married my Wife would never have to worry about me ever cheating on her! It would never happen under any circumstances! How can I say this! I know this for a fact! Let me tell you! If God loves me so much to give "YOU" His love for me, what greater gift can I receive on this earth? There is no greater gift than the Woman that Stands Beside me with God's love and of course Jesus his Son! I'm not the kind of man that would try slapping God in the face by screwing up my marriage in any way!

You see to me, True Love in marriage is not work! It is not something that you have to work at! It is a bond stronger than glue and stronger than any magnet. It is two hearts combined as "ONE" giving 100% of yourself to each other freely without fear or reservations! Blessed together by God!

Anyone who says that you have to work at marriage has not freely given 100% of themselves to their mate. There is no 50/50! It is 100% of each other for each other or; it's nothing at all. Otherwise their marriage will be on quicksand.

A lot of the men here in the United States are fed up with most of the American women. Many are career women who put their careers before family. Many are kind of cold like icebergs and they're not to be trusted. Others are seeing many guys! Lunch with John! Dinner with Dick and breakfast with their Boss from work with a quick stop at the Hotel before work. And some of those ladies are married with kids already! You ask me how I know that. Because I used to work for a Private Investigator one time and I had to follow a lady for a week and document everything that she did and where she went and with who! She was a real piece of work and I felt sorry for her husband and kids. Two little girls and a boy all under the age of 12.

Imagine for a moment walking into your favorite candy store and in that store are barrels of all your favorite candies! You have $1 to buy a candy bar but you see thousands of different types of candy that you truly love and that you want. Your heart is torn your mind is tossed like the waves of the sea and you don't know which one you want more because so much of it is your favorites! What do you do???

Well I tell you what I'm doing. I am praying to God that He will choose the wife for me by touching her heart to "SPEAK UP" and do it "QUICKLY" because it is tormenting me to death. Let's reverse it okay! Imagine you're in a big Hall that holds 5,000 people. And in that Hall there are 5,000 of the most handsome men and you like every single one of them. What would you do?

It was King Solomon who had 40,000 wives wasn't it? He wanted his seed to spread through the world. It would certainly be easier for me to choose if I could do that but; I know reality and I would be very happy with just one incredible beautiful wife who loves me! Who fills my heart full of Desire for her!

Every time I come on this website and I see all the incredible beautiful women on this website from Ukraine and some from Russia as well, I see a lot of love in the eyes. I read the letters and many are somewhat the same with slight variations of course but many of the letters say the same things of what the ladies are looking for from a man.

When you read my profile honey do you see Who I am? Do you see what kind of person I am? There's a lot to me as a person but as a child of God I'm a vessel that He uses. God has taken this lump of clay and remolded me into what He wants. Sure there are bumps along the way but we can't cry over spilt milk can we? The pity party only last so long. The best thing to do is to lick up the milk like a cat. Lick it up and keep going, allowing God to lead you through the mud puddles of life. So you get a little muddy once in a while big Whoopi! Get over it and get going! Rinse yourself off and move your ass! Well; I am moving my ass just not as far as I had hoped. So if you want me as your husband Honey; I'm expecting you to pray for me! I need your prayers Honey desperately! I am praying each and every day for all of you ladies that one of you will say to me, I love you! I want only you! And I am coming to be with you and to marry you! And then; JUST GET YOURS GORGEOUS ASS OVER HERE HONEY)))))))))))

In Our Marriage there Must Be:
1. Trust
2. Interest
3. Harmony
4. Balance
5. Desire
6. Faithfulness
7. Communication always being open and receptive to each other
8. A solid Foundation and to me that would be a foundation built on God first and you are a Christian I presume?
9. Respect
10. Truth
11. A natural magnetism to each other
12. Togetherness in building a family not one sided
13. Stability
14. Goals
15. Passion in your heart and soul in all you Do as well as passion in the bedroom.

Our love will be kept interesting and alive with passion like a raging forest fire that will never feel water!

Each day I awaken and every moment of my life, my thoughts will be of you my love! And when nighttime falls, all I will recall of the days passing is the tenderness of your touch and coming home to your love.

Do I arouse your appetite?

God’s blessings protect you always and keep you safe. God Triple the guard of Angels around you and your family. And may God bless the two of us as "ONE"!

Your Future Husband



I ’m in the Independent Film Industry and Wax Light Entertainment Productions is my Company which is on hold now because I need 68 million dollars to make my movie. I’m a Screenplay Writer/Actor/ Director/ New Swimwear Fashion Designer/Hair Designer/Published Poet listed in the Library Of Congress in Washington D.C./Abstract Oil Painter/Professional Dancer/B/B Wing Chung Kung Fu Martial Artist/ Massage Therapist/Entrepreneur/Web Designer currently working on a website/Play Organ, Piano, Drums and Xylophone.

I love Kayaking, Bike riding Walking the trails, the Ocean, Sunsets, the Mountains Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Redwoods, Weekend trips, Picnics, Bar-B-Q's and all of it I would like to do with you! My Most Beautiful Wife! The Woman that means everything to me! God willing I will find her here.

Also I love shopping! Going shopping with you would be a pleasure seeing you happy and watching you try on clothes.

I love going to the coffee shop and using their free Wi-Fi to hook up to the Internet because I can't afford to have it connected in my apartment right now.

I want us, meaning you and me honey to be able to sit down at the table and work out our finances together budgeting where our money will go and for what purposes. I used to be really good at it somehow or another I got a little lost and overwhelmed with it so; I'm hoping the woman I marry is good with Financial Planning for our future.

Being that I'm looking to get married to a younger wife, everything will be set up to provide for you always. You are what matters to me! If we have kids of course them as well but; nothing can happen like that until we get some things organized for your Protection and Security Financially.

So what's important? Your Happiness is the utmost of importance to me! A House, a Car, Bills Paid, Money in the Bank and lots of Money tucked away in our own Bank, Insurance Policies, Kids, Clothes, Food, Water, Plans (A, B, & C), future plans of whatever you would like and my Custom made Humidor full of my favorite Cigars with a bottle of good Scotch.

I've read many letters already sent by hundreds of you ladies and I have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed with so many letters. I really don't want any more new ladies contacting me it's just too much!

I believe 98% of Ukraine is Incredibly Gorgeous single Women. And I know Russia has some Incredibly Beautiful Women as well.

I'm looking for a lady that's going to commit to me right now. If I had the money to fly over there and be with you I would. I would do it without any hesitation or fear but; I don't have the money to do it and on what money I get it doesn't look like it's going to happen either.

So here's a question for you! Are you a lady that would like to join me "Now" while I'm working on becoming successful financially or; should we wait until I become more successful for YOU? We can become successful together if you like. It's up to you to decide! We could work together to achieve the main goals of our heart.

I know that you are being bombarded and there are many thousands of men all over the world writing you letters that most likely have a lot more money than I do. Beautiful women can always have a man of their choice, and I know there are men who have a hell of a lot more money than I do who can provide all your hearts desires lavishly. I can't compete with that though. So; I'm sure you can have any man in the world that you focus your attention on. I wonder if it will be me who captures your Heart and as so many of you Ladies say; “Your Inner World”.

One of my friends says after I become wealthy I can just Rent the girls that I want but; that's not who I am. That's not what I want in my life.

My heart wants to be married to an incredible lady of love and of life. A lady who will be "ONE" with me and with God leading the way for us. I am trusting in God for all things in my life and you're no exception.

So God's blessings be with you always! I’m in love with you already so; please don’t ask me if I can fall in love at first sight! If I’m writing you a letter, you should already know that I’m interested in you and that I would never write a letter to a Lady if I couldn’t see the two of us as “One!”

I Love You! Will you accept my heart on paper for now?

Your Future Husband if you want me!


Ideal match description:
Looking For Type:

I'm looking for my Future Wife! A Lady in her 20's, 30's or 40's. I want a young beautiful Wife to keep me young and always wanting her.

What I Want! Extraordinary and Delicious! If you have Tattoos then I’m sorry! I don’t want any Wife of mine with Tattoos! Tattoos are Satanic and demonic practices. I also don't want any wife of mine with Piercings through her Nose, Eyebrows, Tongue, Clit and Nipples. Ears and Navel is fine.

What I want is a Woman who has an Athletic Slim and very Fit Body like a Centerfold. I am not into HEAVY Ladies. The law of attraction works on everybody. It is the age with Experience, Health and Stamina along with the physical magnetic pull that will drive us into unforgettable interludes of pleasure Honey!!! I've taken care of myself at age 62. And no! I do not have any Tattoos or Piercings and never will.

I want a younger Wife to keep me young and in good shape. A Lady without kids preferably but; I'm open. I want a Woman who is neat and clean in every way with excellent personal hygiene so that special desert I love so much Honey.... is always fresh and oh...so...sweet! You know honey my favorite restaurant is the "Y". Thats "YOU" and you will always be my favorite dessert! I want what I hope you want. One! The two of us as "One". Our foundation God otherwise it would be like quicksand.

Food is Foreplay to the Main Course! You and I Together! I want a woman who loves the Ocean, Mountains, Bike Riding, Walking, Kayaking, Swimming and Dancing!

I'm also a Professional Dancer. We can even take Kung Fu Classes together. But; we do not have to be constantly on the go busy doing something all the time. It would be nice just laying around watching movies together by the fireplace! Snuggling, kissing and making love with each other. In fact I would rather make love with you two, three or four times a day than anything else.

It would give me great pleasure making sure all your needs in and out of the bedroom were met above and beyond your expectations. I would love taking you to Mt. Victorious so you can bask in ecstasy! We can go to Mt. Victorious together!

Your Future Husband!

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